Opera Domus


When we build our Houses, we offer all the added Values ​​that a Luxury building can accommodate. We will be your experts in selecting the best of each of them, from maximum customization, Home Landscape Security, Home Automation to Home Cinema, to achieve your dreams with skill and artistry.


For every project's need


    Opera Domus has a perfect, efficiently run, organizational structure to cover all aspects of the work involved in the construction of a luxury residence, or the renovation of a historic residence. We have expert teams in place with technical staff working at all levels to run the activities, and make sure they are all carried out to high standards of quality and safety.

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    In strict adherence to the original plans, Opera Domus designs and makes all the systems that are indispensable and supplementary for a house under construction. All systems are designed in full compliance with current regulations and are scrupulously made using the best components available on the market. Before delivery, they are rigorously tested and certified. We make heating and air-conditioning, water, electricity, extraction and audio/video systems.


    Besides dealing with all aspects of construction, Opera Domus offers unique services in interior design and furniture, provided by exceptional partners, architect Carlo Ceresoli and custom furniture maker Paolo Lucchetta, who each represent the highest in quality and Italian style. Though they use different languages of expression, both partners successfully communicate the expectations of people living in their personal home environment, and shape it according to their needs and lifestyle.

  • Lighting Design

    In all our Residences, lighting is perceived to be perfectly integrated in space, in order to give maximum emphasis to the environment, making it unique and inimitable with innovative solutions that strike a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. During the architectural and interior design process, the scenographic use of dramatic, elegant and refined lighting solutions, making a strong emotional impact, serve to create an ambiance that gives character and uniqueness to the Residence.


    Inside our residences we design beautiful areas for Relaxation and entertainment, such as a furnished Home Cinema room complete with technical equipment, a billiard room and other recreational areas and places for people to meet, listen to music and dance with friends. In addition, we design customized relaxation and wellness areas, with indoor pool, sauna, whirlpool baths, Turkish baths and fitness facilities - a perfectly organized and well laid out small SPA, tailored to a Customer’s specific requirements.


    Living in a Smart Home means Luxury, Comfort and Safety, in the most advanced sense of each word. Automation Systems inside the Home create an optimum state of well-being, with the enjoyment and best use of countless amenities, with no limits to developing them. Even old dwelling houses can be equipped with the latest, modern technology, made appropriately invisible by the clever use of design features and solutions. A sure way to improve and raise lifestyle quality.


    We protect our Residences, with advanced technology solutions that combine Security with Style in a perfectly integrated way. We study futuristic solutions with high protection performance and highly customized features such as invisible sliding doors, secret passageways and rooms with biometric recognition access, bunkers and safe rooms, fortified rooms, complete with amenities and comforts. All doors and windows in our homes are fortified and equipped with anti-burglar and bulletproof glass.


    Pools are stylish and have the prestige value that distinguishes high-end homes. They are an enjoyable source of natural inspiration indissolubly linking a House to the people who live there. We study, design and build pools that have a great dramatic effect, making use of aesthetic and technological solutions and integrating them perfectly into the natural environment surrounding the property. We provide splendid, stately pools and modern infinity pools, in which the surface water blends suggestively into the surrounding landscape.


    When we build our Residences we imagine the garden as a multifunctional living area and a multi-sensory experience. Our garden designs are truly exciting, adorning nature with trees and shrubs in every shade of green, with flourishing plants, gazebos, pergolas, arbours, details that define the style of the garden and transform every corner into a very pleasant place to relax. We design wonderful outdoor rooms in which to sit, eat or talk, savouring all the emotions that enrich the mind and soul as you experience them.