Why Opera Domus

Opera Domus



We have a tailored approach to every project. We create a ``bespoke garment`` for each customer, as though it were cut and sewn by hand by the most exclusive tailors. Each detail is designed to fully respect individual requirements, vision, preferences and taste, to create a living space that represents the personality of the owner in every way.


The value of an Opera Domus residence grows over time, depending on its uniqueness, location and luxury type. Your house says a lot about you, your loved ones and your emotions in the way you live and love it. We will always be there for you so that this value is maintained and grows step by step with you.


A house by Opera Domus is always unique, original and irreplaceable, and distinguishes its owner with its high-class prestige. We study and implement every single detail in perfect harmony with our Customers, selecting the finest and best materials together, provoking an emotional response by simulating different types of ambiance and seeking to amaze with the highest quality results and finishes. We are proud to have thought of it, been inspired by it together, and to have carried it out. The real value that we attribute to it is not measured by the value of the luxury that sets it apart but in the satisfaction of the owners who live in it. That is what we see reflected in their eyes.


The choice of materials plays a key role in making the project even more valuable and exclusive. We select only the finest materials from natural stone of rare beauty (Marble, Onyx, Granite, Semiprecious stones), hardwood, metal, leather, textiles, and many other quality materials, that experienced Italian craftsmen work with skill, to make architectural elements, furnishings and interior design of aesthetic and artistic value, guaranteeing the exclusivity and uniqueness that endures over time.


Opera Domus offers a perfect, efficient organization, through which it provides global, structured and timely services covering even the most particular and unusual design and construction needs,. Besides dealing with the entire administrative process, in strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations, we take care of all the construction processes involved in building a luxury residence, or in the renovation of a historic house (cultural heritage constraints, recovery of original materials, etc.) Specialized, first class partners complete the full range of services needed to create a high-class residence (interior design, furniture, security, swimming pools, gardens and parks, fountains, lighting design, home automation, wellness, entertainment, etc.)